Alhamdulillah, Eden Academy continues to mould children since 12 years by providing quality education at all levels; Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary. Our students feel the joy of learning and experience a comfortable environment for grooming and enhancing their academic skills.

We, at Eden Academy, believe that an academically enhanced child without lack of moral values and Islamic etiquettes can never be a boon to the society. Hence, we strive to instill essential values in every student.

We have good and experienced teachers. We regularly conduct co-curricular activities to explore and sharpen the students’ skills. Our classrooms are well equipped with e-learning and smart learning tools.

Most importantly, we are recognized and affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Education. Subsequently, the future of our students is assured for further studies in any part of the universe, inshaAllah.

Chairman’s Message:

The modern times that we live in, has it’s own challenges. Social media, mobile phone addiction and materialism have led to the extinction of morals and values, severing ties of family and kinship, evils and crimes. Parents are ignored and left to the mercy of OLD AGE HOMES. People are often depressed and many commit suicide as a result of it. In such difficult times, we must strive to reinstate all our lost values and etiquettes back in our lives. This is possible only through educating and enlightening our young minds with Islam. With this aim and vision, we continue to serve the society.

“Let us make this world peaceful with the precious wealth of knowledge.”

We sow the seeds of Islam and patience in students' lives which will reep into glistening shade not only in this phase of life, but also in the Akhirah.